New Study Shows Portfolio Diet Lowers BP (in addition to LDL-C & hsCRP)

Dr. David Jenkins and colleagues have now shown that a variation of the Portfolio Diet (viscous fiber, soy protein, plant sterols, and almonds) proven to lower LDL-C and hsCRP in 2003, also lowers blood pressure (BP). Previous studies had alluded to this potential benefit, so Jenkins et al. looked at pooled data from a study that compared a DASH-type diet to intensive application of the portfolio diet in 241 hyperlipidemic subjects. Participants were randomized to either the DASH-type diet (n=82) or a dietary portfolio that included viscous fibers, nuts, and soy protein (n=159) for 24 weeks.  As compared to the DASH-type diet, the dietary portfolio lowered systolic BP by 2.1 mm Hg, diastolic BP by 1.8 mm Hg, and mean arterial BP by 1.9 mm Hg.  The authors therefore concluded that the cholesterol lowering portfolio diet also reduced blood pressure when compared to a healthy DASH-type diet.  The study is published in the Dec 2015 issue of Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases. 

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