Is Now the Time to Target Both LDL and Inflammation?

According to the Expert Opinion of Peter Libby, MD, internationally renowned for his work in cardiovascular disease research and just published in the journal Cardiology, “In an era of precision medicine, the ability to target either LDL or inflammation, or both, depending on an individual’s biomarker profile, should allow us to personalize therapy in the secondary prevention of coronary heart disease.” Dr. Libby explains the “pleiotropic” effect of statins on reducing inflammation and discusses the improvement in cardiovascular outcomes shown in both primary and secondary prevention trials (e.g., IMPROVE-IT TIMI 22, JUPITER, and IMPROVE-IT).  He also discusses current issues related to the use of adding other lipid altering medications to statin therapy.

See Targeting LDL, Inflammation, or Both: Improving Outcomes With Precision

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