Management of insulin resistance and diabesity

Speaker Name/Credentials

Filomena Trindade, MD, MPH

Private practice Capitola, CA

Estimated Time of Talk

30 minutes

CME Accreditation

30 min webcast = 0.50 credits
15 min Q&A = 0.25 credits
Total = 0.75 credits


This webinar will cover root causes of insulin resistance with special focus on how to identify it early and appropriate interventions.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand diabesity and insulin resistance and its contributors.

2. Identify what symptoms to look for in a patient’s history and what questions to ask.

3. Identify clinical signs of insulin resistance.

4. Understand the continuum of insulin resistance.

5. Identify laboratory measures to diagnose insulin resistance.

6. Understand how to intervene early to reverse insulin resistance or keep it from progressing.


Member of Genova Diagnostics speakers Bureau.

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